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Update on freight / New model available / What's next?

Thank you Wow, what an awesome launch has had. First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to those that have placed orders, created accounts and even those of you that have simply browsed the site. Since our launch in December, we have had 1000 website clicks.

ONE THOUSAND CLICKS! While I created this business in such a way that this was forecasted, it's still surreal to see this come into action and I am forever grateful for the customers and the trajectory that is seeing.

An update on freight.

-Orders placed in December that are in transit to Brisbane for local collection are still on track for late Feb. We might have a small set back due to local couriers being so gah damn slow! but watch this space over the coming weeks as I monitor it. These orders include (customer name) -Jayden P -Caden W -Mark N

New Model?? Yes, we have a new model. Rahib was the first person to pre-order the JP-37 and was sure to send me the ever so suspenseful video (attached) day 1 of receiving them.

I'm really stoked on how these look, and I'm keen to see them go on his Civic, though first he needs to get around a few pesky defect notices! #thankyouQPS What's next? This month, I intend on doing another stock order to support the Brisbane scene, but I'd also really like to get on Google Shopping! So far the marketing has just been through Facebook and word of mouth (which is insane when you realise we've had 1000 clicks). I have been reluctant to go too hard on marketing in fear of not being able to manage the popularity, but since our launch I think that's the direction we are safely headed :) Thank you all for the big love <3

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