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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

Refunds may be offered in the unlikely event of;
A. Goods do not turn up
B. Goods are damaged

Are the wheels any good?

These wheels have proven to hold up to the high pressure of drifting and are used by some customers for daily driving duties.

Most wheels we sell are budget friendly and use a quality cast alloy material. The finish is very nice and does not peel away over time unlike other brands in the market.

All our wheels are manufactured in the same factory ensuring quality is consistent across all models.

Why does it take so long to receive my wheels?

These wheels need to be manufactured and shipped from a completely different country! 6-10 weeks is the standard ETA and can't be avoided.

We try our best to hold stock of popular sizes, but given the amount of different wheel designs, colours and specs it makes it difficult for a small business to hold stock and not become a liability!

The future for includes a warehouse where we can hold stock. If you want to see us get to that stage please support us!

This cop was having a bad day and now I have an infringement because my wheels are cool, wtf?

We ship an awesome quality wheel but HOLD UP! 

Unlike you and I, authorities/insurance providers do not appreciate aftermarket wheels very much. Please ensure you check your states law or accept the risks associated with having a better style than OEM 

Just like every other wheel company in the world; we are not liable for any damages caused during usage of our wheels and it is YOUR responsibility on how you intend on using them.

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