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The Original 350Z

I bought this 350Z long ago and had a super keen interest in drifting. The biggest road block to get into this motorsport was finances. After paying for entry to an event, full service on the Z, I now had to look at a new set of wheels/tyres. I didn't want to use my street wheel setup as I needed to drive to work the next day and ideally had to avoid driving shredded tyres on the M1 highway in the rain. Existing aftermarket wheel options to me were fairly lacking in style, specifications and to be honest, I've had poor experiences with finish's peeling. What was I to do? To make a long story short, I bought several different wheels to sample from multiple different overseas wheel manufacturers, and after trial and error on a number of poor quality wheels - I had finally found a manufacturer that built something affordable and didn't compromise on style, specs or quality. These were awesome, and I was ecstatic. I took my wheels to a local tyre shop (Stafford Tyre and Auto) who fitted up some cheap second hand tyres and after talking wheels for an hour, I was ready to skid. I went to the event with some friends, threw my new wheels on, drifted for a few hours and left. This was a blast and I created some incredible memories on this day. The idea for was sparked when some of the other drivers asked about my wheels and wanted a set for themselves... I made some great friends on this day. And now, here we are.

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Very inspiring! I love seeing enthusiasts create more affordable options for the car community

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