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An iconic 'JDM' style which looks amazing on just about every car known to mankind. This wheel will bring out the natural curves of your car and exagerate the size of your fenders when going for that sweet fender to lip look that we all desire. What's the difference between this wheel and the regular Tsunami? This has some sweet deep dish on it.

NOTE: inner lip is not yellow, in the photo it has a plastic lip protector on :)

Does not clear turbo brakes

If you are looking for less than 4 wheels, message us directly. 


JP-JR BIG Tsunami (Set of Four)

  • Material: Cast Alloy
    Colour: Gunmetal Grey / Polished Lip
    Diameter: 18"
    Width: 9.5"
    Offest: +25
    PCD: 5x114.3

    Please check your desired wheel specs before ordering.

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